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Stainless Steel Fire Tongs

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    Brand Name: Epicurean Dreams

    Tool Type: Tongs

    Type: Tools

    Bullet Points:

    1、Toothed Chuck Tongs: The grip of the tongs is firm and does not slip off. The toothed chuck is convenient for gripping fruit charcoal, spherical charcoal, etc. The tongs are reliable and not easy to slip off, and the tongs can also avoid charcoal and other debris.

    2、Painted Rubber Handle: The handle features good heat insulation, which is anti-scalding and featured by the streamlined design. The handle is comfortable and firm when holding.

    3、Curved Fixing Ring: The curved ring part of the tongs features long-lasting elasticity, which is easy to hang, and the curved fixing ring helps ensure long-lasting high resilience, and the curved ring part makes the tongs easy to store.

    4、Humanized Fixed Buckle: The tongs are convenient to store and save space. After the charcoal tongs are used or when the use process is interrupted, the fixed buckle can be moved to keep its arms parallel, which makes the tongs convenient and space-saving.

    5、Convenient and Hygienic: The barbecue tongs are designed for family needs, which are suitable for family use, convenient and hygienic, easy to use and clean, and the tongs are durable.


    Name: Charcoal Tongs

    Material: stainless steel + rubber

    Size: about 460*25*25mm/18.11*0.98*0.98in

    Uses: used for adding wood and carbon to barbecue pits, fire stations, etc.

    Packing List:

    Charcoal Tongs * 1

    Stainless Steel Fire Tongs
    Stainless Steel Fire Tongs
    Stainless Steel Fire Tongs
    Stainless Steel Fire Tongs
    Stainless Steel Fire Tongs